Why Pathwell?

PathWell Home Health COPD Goals of Care

  • Patient will be free of respiratory infection
  • Dyspnea will decrease
  • Reduced anxiety and restlessness
  • Patient will have clear lung sounds
  • Patient / Caregiver will manage orthopnea
  • Specific diet education
  • Patient / Caregiver will demonstrate safe, effective use of medications, and inhalation treatments (if ordered)
  • Reduce rate of hospitalization

The COPD Patient and Caregiver Will be Instructed on the Following:

  • Monitoring any changes in the sputum quality, volume, color, and consistency
  • When to notify physician or RN with a temperature outside of MD established parameters
  • Incision management including signs and symptoms of infection
  • Cough and deep breathing exercises
  • Incentive spirometry (if ordered)
  • Use of oxygen (if ordered)
  • Anxiety / stress reduction and management techniques
  • Position of comfort (i.e., raise HOB, elevate head with pillows)
  • Diet and / or nutritional supplementation education
  • Medication management / adherence and proper use of inhalation treatment (if ordered)
  • Smoking cessation and avoidance of lung irritants

Key Assessment Points for COPD Patients:

  • Sputum production changes
  • Respiratory rate and breathing pattern
  • Jugular vein distention and peripheral edema
  • Vital signs, pulse oximetry, and evidence of accessory muscle use
  • Signs of orthopnea
  • Increased weakness and fatigue
  • Activity tolerance / intolerance
  • Nutritional status
  • Medication adherence