PathWell Home Health Care COPD Protocol

PathWell's In Home Health Care Adheres to COPD Protocols to Help Minimize the Impact of
the Patient’s Condition

PathWell Home Health COPD Goals of Care

  • Patient will be free of respiratory infection
  • Dyspnea will decrease
  • Reduced anxiety and restlessness
  • Patient will have clear lung sounds
  • Patient / caregiver will manage orthopnea
  • Specific diet education
  • Patient / caregiver will demonstrate safe, effective use of medications, and inhalation treatments (if ordered)
  • Reduce rate of hospitalization

The COPD Patient and Caregiver will be Instructed on the Following:

  • Monitoring any changes in the sputum quality, volume, color, and consistency
  • When to notify physician or RN with a temperature outside of MD established parameters
  • Incision management including signs and symptoms of infection
  • Cough and deep breathing exercises
  • Incentive spirometry (if ordered)
  • Use of oxygen (if ordered)
  • Anxiety / Stress reduction and management techniques
  • Position of comfort (i.e. raise HOB, elevate head with pillows)
  • Diet and/or nutritional supplementation education
  • Medication management / adherence and proper use of inhalation treatment (if ordered)
  • Smoking cessation and avoidance of lung irritants

Key Assessment Points for COPD Patients:

  • Sputum production changes
  • Respiratory rate and breathing pattern
  • Jugular vein distension and peripheral edema
  • Vital signs, pulse oximetry, and evidence of accessory muscle use.
  • Signs of orthopnea
  • Increased weakness and fatigue
  • Activity tolerance / intolerance
  • Nutritional status
  • Medication adherence